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  • heir inve▓stments as a bridge to the massive mainland market. Our reporter Pan Deng visited the biggest tea company in China to find out how it dev
  • eloped a comprehensive industrial chain.The world's only tea college attracts students from all around China.19-year-old Yang Yong'an comes from
  • Taiwan's T▓aichung City. He has been studying here for one year. As a tea merchant's son, he studied marketing at college to prepare to
  • one day take over his family business.Yang said, "My father's friends recommended this college to me. Although the location is a long way from big citie
  • s, I think it is fun to live here. I can learn lots of things about tea and get to know the mainland student▓s. I think young people on b
  • oth sides of the Straits need to▓ know more about each other."This unique tea college was established by the Tenfu Group from Taiwan. During


  • the pas▓t decade, the enterprise has shifted nearly all its business to the mainland.T▓he college aims to educate the future leaders in the tea indust
  • ry. And the group aims to be the number one tea maker and dealer in China -- a goal which has already been realized.But they also have their sights on
  • even greater success. The group has transformed abandoned mountains into tea farms -- where hundreds of varieties of tea from all around China -- are grown. Fujian's weather makes their quest for the best tastin
  • g tea a lot easier.Shen Fujing, director of President's office of Tenfu Group, said, "▓Now we have 9 factories here and over 900 shops around China. We are
  • planning to list our company on the
  • stock market in the next two years. We h▓ave


ting▓ their own business, as the gloomy employment outlook presses them to prepare for another career path. China Youth Development Foundation's Gu Xiaojin warns that a career path dema▓nds many practical skills that rote learning cannot offer. On June 15, Beijing Mun▓icipal Commission of Commerce published nine n

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